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Note: The source of population, dwellings and household data in this Plan is from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, 2016 NSW State and Local Government Area Population and Household Projections and Implied Dwelling Requirements 2016 to 2036. Population projections provide an indication of the size and age-sex structure of the future population if specified assumptions about future fertility, mortality and migration are realised. The projections are based on final 30 June 2011 Estimated Resident Populations (ERPs) supplied by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Finalised ERPs incorporating the 2016 Census of Population and Housing are not expected from the ABS until mid-2018.


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Amendment notes

Please note: There was a factual error in the current Western City District Plan with an incorrect reference made to the Commonwealth's approach to planning for noise around airports, known as Guideline A. The NSW Government has not adopted the Commonwealth approach and instead works within guidelines contained in the National Airports Safeguarding Framework. We worked with the Department of Planning and Environment to correct the error. For more information.

Western City District Plan
March 2018 © State of New South Wales
through the Greater Sydney Commission

ISBN: 978-0-6482729-4-6