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Implementing the District Plans

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Reporting on the implementation of district plans shows how Greater Sydney is changing on a district by district level. It includes mapping the status (July 2019 - early November 2020) of projects and programs to deliver a metropolis of three cities.

The spatial element of implementation helps to align land use and the different types of infrastructure needed to support liveability, productivity and sustainability.

Building on the 2019 implementation reports, this year's reporting highlights the investments in resources and funding of programs by the NSW Government and councils to support implementation of the Region Plan and district plans. In the case of the Western City District, the involvement of the Australian Government through the Western Sydney City Deal sees all three levels of government working together.

The district plan implementation updates feature key transport, health and education infrastructure as well as the latest planned precincts and Green Grid investments. All councils have updated, prepared or are preparing local housing strategies for endorsement by DPIE.

District plans are supported by the local strategic planning statements (LSPS), which contain planning priorities and actions to support the Region Plan and district plans at the local level. Each is informed by councils' Community Strategic Plans.

The LSPS sets out the 20-year vision for an LGA, demonstrates how change will be managed and identifies local priorities for updating each council's LEP. Councils are setting the strategic framework for implementing and giving effect to the district plans by:

  • reviewing their LEP against the relevant district plan
  • undertaking studies and consulting with stakeholders to determine key priorities for their local area
  • preparing and making their first LSPS
  • updating their LEP within three years of the district plans being finalised - Councils who fall under the Accelerated LEP Program were required to finalise their LEPs by 31 August 2020
  • engaging with DPIE and other agencies, adjoining councils and the community to inform implementation.

LSPSs in place can be viewed and tracked on our website at https://www.greatercities.au/local-planning-assurance-tracker. This will also be used to link to councils' reporting on implementation.

We have commenced more detailed monitoring of district plan actions to inform 2021 updates.


Figure 26: Relationship of region, district and local planning in Greater Sydney