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There are multiple aspects to the successful implementation and delivery of this Greater Sydney Region Plan (the Plan). These include:

  • using the Plan as a framework for decisionmaking to inform district plans, local strategic planning statements and local environmental plans, and to provide context for councils' community strategic plans
  • integrating the Plan with Future Transport 2056 and the State Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2038: to align major land use, transport and infrastructure planning
  • guiding private sector investment by clarifying the growth management and infrastructure investment intentions of government to enable the building of homes, retail space, office buildings and factories across Greater Sydney.

Achieving the vision of A Metropolis of Three Cities requires the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders with a diversity of responsibilities. Collaboration and engagement with the community, local government, businesses, and State agencies has informed the Plan and will be essential in implementing its Strategies and Actions.

The 10 Directions, a core component of the vision, set out the aspirations for the region. They also provide the framework for the Plan and therefore guide implementation, monitoring and reporting.

Monitoring and reporting provides accountability on the delivery of the vision and Objectives of the Plan. This can be best facilitated by coordination across State and local plans which acknowledge the line of sight required by regional - district - local strategic planning under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

The Greater Sydney Commission is required to report on the implementation of the Plan as well as identify impediments to implementation. This will include regular monitoring and reporting on: the performance of the Plan, the context of the Plan - Greater Sydney's growth and change; the agency delivery of Actions in the Plan and local governments' implementation through local strategic planning and local environmental plans. This will yield critical information to allow for responses and refinements over time (refer to Objective 40).

The potential indicators included in this Plan will be developed further in consultation with State agencies and councils. This will optimise the contribution of councils and provide the basis for a more synchronised understanding of issues across local government boundaries, districts and the region.

Summary of Actions

The following metropolitan-wide Actions will deliver implementation objectives.

13. Develop the Greater Sydney Commission's role in peer reviewing key land use and infrastructure plans prepared by NSW Department of Planning and Environment to provide assurance to the community that robust planning is being undertaken across Greater Sydney consistent with the region and district plans (refer to Objective 39).

14. Develop performance indicators in consultation with State agencies and councils that measure the 10 Directions to inform inter-agency, State and local government decision-making (refer to Objective 40).

15. Develop detailed monitoring and reporting of housing and employment in Greater Sydney (refer to Objective 40).