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Preparing local strategic planning statements informed by local strategic planning

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Planning Priority E21

A role of strategic planning is to provide a basis for planning decisions. Critically, strategic planning provides the community with transparency to the planning process. The Community Participation Plan and mandatory exhibition of draft local strategic planning statements reinforce the importance of community participation in shaping the plans that will guide future decision-making in their local area.

The local strategic planning required to inform the preparation of local strategic planning statements will support State-local government partnerships where State agencies have a critical role in supporting councils in managing growth and change. Councils' identification of the scope and priorities for local strategic planning will be a streamlined process supported by the Greater Sydney Commission and the NSW Department of Planning and Environment and follows a similar approach to the Greater Sydney Commission's review of A Plan for Growing Sydney. This approach highlights the importance of understanding the context at the same time as an assessment of the planning framework to deliver the plan.

Photograph of a crane at a construction site in Bondi Junction.

Bondi Junction

As the first step in the implementation of the district plans it is therefore important to set up a strong foundation for local strategic planning in partnership with the community and State agencies. This will commence with a review of existing local environmental plans which is to include:

  • an assessment of local environmental plans against the relevant district plan which can establish an understanding of the areas that would need to be addressed to give effect to the district plan's Planning Priorities and Actions
  • local context including:
    • the basis for strategic planning in the area, having regard to economic, social and environmental matters,
    • the planning priorities for the area from any applicable community strategic plan under section 402 of the Local Government Act 1993 subject to any such strategic plan
    • relevant areas of State, regional and district significance, including growth areas and planned precincts identified in the district plan
    • impediments to giving effect to district plan
  • conclusions including:
    • findings of the review
    • recommendations for local strategic planning priorities to inform local strategic planning statements and local environmental plan updates.

It is intended that the output of this review will clearly identify each council's priorities in giving effect to the district plans and where the strategic planning includes key inputs for state agencies.

The Commission and the NSW Department of Planning and Environment will support councils in the preparation of these reviews through a series of technical workshops which will incorporate the input of councils on the implementation of local strategic planning statements and other plans and policies. This will also include guidance on the housing demand that will inform the development of 6-10 year housing targets.


The Greater Sydney Commission will require a local environmental plan review to include:

a. an assessment of the local environment plan against the district plan Planning Priorities and Actions
b. local context analysis
c. a overview and program for the local strategic planning required to inform the preparation of a local strategic planning statement that will inform updates to the local environmental plan.