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A city supported by infrastructureInfrastructure
A collaborative cityCollaboration
A city for peoplePeople
Housing the cityHousing
A city of great placesPlaces
A well connected cityConnected
Jobs and skills for the cityJobs
A city in its landscapeLandscape
An efficient cityEfficiency
A resilient cityResilience
A Metropolis of Three CitiesWestern City DistrictCentral City DistrictEastern City DistrictNorth DistrictSouth District

Infrastructure and collaboration

Action 1

Identify, prioritise and deliver Collaboration Areas

The Greater Sydney Commission to continue to identify, prioritise and lead Collaboration Areas across Greater Sydney.
The Commission will annually review the Collaboration Area program and priorities.

Action 2

Coordinate land use and infrastructure for the Western City District

The implementation and governance commitments of the Western Sydney City Deal identify that the Greater Sydney Commission will coordinate land use and infrastructure for the Western City District.


Action 3

Prepare housing strategies

Councils to prepare local or district housing strategies that respond to the principles for housing strategies and housing targets published in the District Plans.
Housing strategies will outline how housing growth is to be managed, identify the right locations for additional housing supply in each local government area and inform updates of local environmental plans.
Updated local environmental plans that respond to housing strategies are to be submitted within three years of the finalisation of District Plans, or two years in the case of priority councils where funding has been provided.

Action 4

Develop 6-10 year housing targets

To inform the development of updated local environment plans and housing strategies the Greater Sydney Commission to work with each council and other agencies within Greater Sydney to develop 6-10 year housing targets.

Action 5

Implement Affordable Rental Housing Targets

The Greater Sydney Commission to work closely with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to streamline implementation of new programs particularly in respect to the workings of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) and State Environmental Planning Policy No 70 - Affordable Housing (Revised Schemes).
Tasks will include finalising a consistent viability test for the Affordable Rental Housing Targets to support councils and relevant planning authorities and ensuring that housing strategies include a sufficient affordable housing needs analysis and strategy to identify preferred affordable housing locations in each local government area.
Prior to the inclusion of affordable rental housing targets in the relevant State policy, the Greater Sydney Commission, in partnership with relevant State agencies, will develop detailed arrangements for delivering and managing the housing that is created by the targets. This additional work will consider eligibility criteria, allocation, ownership, management and delivery models.


Action 6

Collaborate to deliver the Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula (GPOP) vision

The Greater Sydney Commission to continue leading the collaboration of councils, State agencies, businesses and the community to deliver the GPOP vision. Being the connected and unifying heart of the Central City, GPOP is being championed as a place for new businesses, homes and services; for diverse employment; for walking and cycling; and to facilitate spaces for arts and culture.

Action 7

Develop a growth infrastructure compact for GPOP

The Greater Sydney Commission to coordinate, seek expertise and insight from councils, State agencies, businesses and the community to develop a growth infrastructure compact for GPOP by December 2018.
The growth infrastructure compact will outline the sequencing and funding of local and regional infrastructure aligned to growth.

Action 8

Support the growth of the Camperdown-Ultimo Collaboration Area

The Greater Sydney Commission to lead private, government and education sector stakeholders in the ongoing planning of the Camperdown-Ultimo Collaboration Area through the preparation of a Place Strategy.
This multi-stakeholder approach will support and leverage existing infrastructure to improve urban amenity to grow jobs and business opportunities.

Action 9

Collaborate to deliver the Western Sydney City Deal

The NSW Government, the Australian Government and eight councils to continue collaborating to deliver the Western Sydney City Deal.
The City Deal will be accompanied by a draft Structure Plan that will indicate potential land uses for the Western Sydney Airport Growth Area.
An Implementation Plan will be prepared in 2018 and will build on the commitments outlined for the six areas of connectivity, jobs for the future, skills and education, liveability and environment, planning and housing and implementation and governance.

Action 10

Facilitate whole-of-government place-based outcomes through Collaboration Areas for targeted centres, including Liverpool, Greater Penrith and Randwick

The Greater Sydney Commission to coordinate the established governance arrangements and drive the delivery of place-based outcomes.

Action 11

Review and plan for industrial and urban services

The Greater Sydney Commission to review all industrial and urban services land identified as review and manage in close collaboration with State agencies, councils and with industry input.
The review will confirm retention of industrial and urban services land and in limited cases its transition to other uses.
The Greater Sydney Commission will work with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to review the industrial and urban services land in the South West and Western Sydney Airport Growth Areas to determine if additional lands are required to meet long term population and employment growth.


Action 12

Develop and implement the South Creek Corridor Project

Infrastructure NSW to lead the South Creek Corridor Project, working with the Greater Sydney Commission.
The outcome will be the creation of a cool and green Western Parkland City along South Creek and its tributaries. A continuous open space corridor along South Creek and its tributaries will be a defining structural element of the Western Parkland City. Water in the landscape will be managed to improve waterway health and the liveability of communities.


Action 13

Develop the Greater Sydney Commission's role in peer reviewing key land use and infrastructure plans prepared by NSW Department of Planning and Environment to provide assurance to the community that robust planning is being undertaken across Greater Sydney consistent with the region and district plans.

This approach allows for a differentiation between the role of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment in undertaking more detailed planning work in Planned Precincts and Growth Areas and the role of the Greater Sydney Commission in preparing region and district plans, together with other key plans nominated by the Minister for Planning or the Greater Sydney Commission. This will capitalise on the independence and expertise of the Greater Sydney Commission.

Action 14

Develop performance indicators in consultation with State agencies and councils that measure the 10 Directions to inform inter-agency, State and local government decision-making.

Action 15

Develop detailed monitoring and reporting of housing and employment in Greater Sydney.