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About Us

The Greater Cities Commission is driving Australia’s first global city region – the Six Cities Region in NSW.

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The Greater Cities Commission is driving Australia’s first global city region – the Six Cities Region in NSW.  We’re doing this to deliver the benefits of global economic scale and local liveability for everyone who lives here.  

Our role is to coordinate and align the planning that will shape the future of our region, accelerate the delivery of key innovation districts and lead discussion on major city-shaping issues. 

At the Commission, we help: 

  • create good jobs closer to where people live 
  • opportunities to attract world-class industry and talent 
  • make the cities more productive, liveable and sustainable for everyone.  

The Commission is a statutory body and reports directly to the NSW Government. We are an independent agency within the Transport and Infrastructure cluster. 

Our Vision  

By the middle of this century, the communities, industries, businesses and governments of the six cities will have collectively built a globally leading multi-city region, with the step change in quality of life and opportunities experienced by all the communities who live there.

Our purpose  

To collaboratively build the scale, scope and potential for better jobs, housing, education, health, environment and lifestyle opportunities, to transform our local places and our global positioning.

Our identity

We are the NSW government agency responsible for the visionary planning and coordination that will establish the Six Cities Region as one of the world’s great places to live and work, with all our residents enjoying the benefits of living in a globally competitive city region.


Six Cities Region 

In December 2021, the Premier announced that we would move from a metropolis of three Greater Sydney cities to a city region of six. In March 2022, the Greater Cities Commission Act was passed which changed the Greater Sydney Commission to the Greater Cities Commission and expanded our geographic remit.  

The Six Cities Region comprises the Lower Hunter and Greater Newcastle City, Central Coast City, Illawarra-Shoalhaven City, Western Parkland City, Central River City and Eastern Harbour City. It is based on local government boundaries and feedback from local stakeholders.    

Explore the Six Cities Region Discussion Paper. 



Geoff Roberts AM

Chief Commissioner

Chris Hanger

Chief Executive Officer


Natalie Walker

Social Commissioner

Meg McDonald

Environment Commissioner

John Lydon

Economic Commissioner

City Commissioners

Matt Endacott

Lower Hunter and Greater Newcastle City Commissioner

The Hon. Robyn Parker

Central Coast City Commissioner

Jacki Johnson

Illawarra-Shoalhaven City Commissioner

Peter Poulet

Central River City Commissioner

Dr Deborah Dearing

Eastern Harbour City Commissioner

Billie Sankovic

Western Parkland City Commissioner

Our executive team

  • Chris Hanger, Chief Executive Officer
  • Petra Andrén, Head of Innovation Districts
  • Stephanie Barker, Head of Strategic Planning
  • Lee Mulvey, A/Executive Director Region Plan
  • Luke Musgrave, A/Executive Director City Plans
  • Liza Noonan, Executive Director Westmead and Macquarie Park, A/Executive Director Tech Central & Illawarra-Shoalhaven
  • Lyndal Hayward, A/Executive Director Thought Leadership and Engagement
  • Steve Thomson, A/Executive Director People and Corporate Services


As an independent organisation funded by the NSW Government, strong and accountable governance is core to our duty to transparently and responsibly serve the public interest.

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